Involuntary Work

‘Sing from your diaphragm’. Arghhh! No! ‘Breathe with your diaphragm’. Arghhhh! No, no, no, no, no! Every time I read or hear about the misconception of having independent control over your thoracic diaphragm I have to forcibly stop myself from going ‘Arghhhh!’ out loud. It is rubbish. Complete and utter tosh.… Read more

C is for Cake

yellowcake1Tom and I set out to make a lemon drizzle cake last night. What we ended up with was a canary yellow lemon and sultana cake with buttercream icing in the middle and no drizzle on the top. We finished at 10pm and clearly decided that it was a suitable time to eat a small piece of cake.… Read more

Spam … Yippee?

One thing about blogs is that you hope that anyone who reads it thinks you’re God and that your words are holy scripture.

I had an email from WordPress telling me that someone has left a comment and it’s waiting for my approval. Yes! The message was a response to my Getting Aural post saying ‘thanks for the advice it’s really helpful’.… Read more

Jump Through Hoops

CariSammie JumpThroughHoops Three or four years back I bought myself a personalised and embroidered polo shirt. The slogan, proudly displayed in Cooper Black font on the front left, was ‘Cari and Sammie Jump Through Hoops’. The first time I wore it in competition was at a lovely place in Gillingham, Dorset. Sammie’s first course was a ‘Jumping’ course – this type of course comprises of jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and occasionally the tyre, or ‘hoop’, jump.… Read more

How to Write Your First Song

Last year The Open University launched FutureLearn, a website which provides a platform for top universities to deliver free courses. Yes, free university courses. Free. Courses which are free.

I get the newsletter emailed to me every month and look at what the University of Sheffield are running in June: How to Write Your First Song.… Read more

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